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5 Key Steps to Reducing Business Processes

Too many manual business processes can bog down public sector organisations and the...

OpenSky Announces New Customer, The Office of the Ombudsman


Reflections on the Carelink Project

As 2020 drew to a close so did the Carelink project research lifecycle. Carelink-AAL is a team of researchers, innovators and...

OpenSky partners with Typetec and Stryve to launch new cybersecurity solution

OpenSky, the automation specialist for government organisations and large private enterprises, today announces that it has...

The Key to Achieving UK and EU Waste Data Targets

Business Intelligence supporting rapid response decisions, policies and EU targets.

New Ways of Looking at Environmental Data

In recent years, governments and local authorities have been looking at ways to increase their recycling rates and reduce the amount of resources going to landfill.

Contact tracing would be so much faster if the process was automated, so why isn’t it?

The furor over the contact tracing debacle is one topic that has been publicised at length. In case you somehow missed it - which is unlikely - the HSE is asking people who test positive with coronavirus to notify their close contacts.

Derbyshire County Council selects OpenSky’s Waste Data Management System (iWDMS) to track Waste Data

Derbyshire County Council has announced a two-year contract with OpenSky Data Systems, Gov-Tech business specialists of customised IT solutions, as part of plans to support its Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy.

OpenSky expands technology offering as the first Irish partner of global tech firm Aquaforest

This strategic partnership will enable OpenSky and Aquaforest to deliver high-performance digital search technologies.

Reduce Risks, Downtime & Business Disruption during Data Migration

The end of support has been a pivotal factor in many organisations decision to upgrade their systems to mitigate the risks associated with hosting a business-critical application on legacy software.

Migration is an Essential Business Decision

The right migration plan future-proofs organisations by overhauling entire systems, upgrading databases, or merging new data to other sources.

Automation is the Competitive Edge

Automation is a smart way for businesses to improve their operations and delivery of services to vital customers.